High-Quality Herbal Contract Manufacturing Services for Your Business


Now looking for a high-quality herbal contract manufacturer is easier as MAC Biosciences is offering a wide range of Herbal Products

We are a one stop solution for all your contract manufacturing needs so that you can completely focus on Marketing itself while taking good care of your manufacturing requirements and costs.

Firstly, let us find why exactly you need a contract manufacturer for Herbal Products:

Majorly because of following 7 Reasons:

  1. Product Expertise:
      • As herbal contract manufacturing company, MAC Biosciences has an in-depth knowledge and expertise for developing products in Herbal and Ayurvedic Forms.
      • With more than 250 products and formulations, MAC has been pioneering the herbal contract manufacturing industry.
  2. Low Investment:
      • Along with our deep expertise and dynamic order quantities, we allow maximum number of products out of minimum requirements.
      • Due to very low fix costs in inventory and product development, one can start their herbal brand with minimum investment getting maximum returns.
  3. High focus on Marketing:
      • Apart from costs and other benefits, the associates can add a lot more value to their business ecosystem by just focusing on marketing aspect.
      • Perhaps, get relaxed and let us take all your manufacturing worries with our BYOC (Bring your own composition) service for herbal contract manufacturing.
  4. Lower Costs: Manufacturing
      • Processes and Efficiency allow us to deliver the best results at lowest costs in marketing.
      • The efficiency is delivered through a cocktail process of advanced technology and ancient methodologies.
  5. Marketing Support:
      • Being a newbie in every field is very tough task. If you are completely new to the Herbal Industry, don’t worry. MAC got your back.
      • Team of professional designers and sales representatives,  highly trained to help you through every journey of Packaging Designing to Finished goods.
      • With the prior experience and all the required information in an internal database, we make sure that your go to market journey is seamless and hustle free.
  6. Easy access to Regulations:
      • Having 25 years of experience in herbal contract manufacturing industry
      • We have gained a good experience with the regulatory authorities which gives us an edge during product approvals.
      • Having more than 250 product approvals.
  7. Wider Range of Products:
      • More than 150 dosages in various segments i.e., Liquids, Capsules, Tablets, Tubes, Powder, and Oils. Name the product
      • We have at least 3 dosage forms for each product category.

Looking for a herbal contract manufacturer, your time is done being wasted on all other not so herbal manufacturers.

If you need actual herbal essences, tastes and feel for your products, MAC Biosciences is the answer.

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