Best Herbal Products Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

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Best Herbal Products Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

Best Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing company in India

If you are looking for Herbal Products Manufacturer in India for Herbal Medicines & Cosmetics Products, MAC Biosciences is your perfect partner for the journey.

We offer an intensive range of Herbal Products for third party manufacturing of private labelling services.

MAC Biosciences will assist you with each step of the process, including planning, formulation, production, labelling, and packaging.

Join hands with us at MAC for most reliable and quality oriented products.

Our Products are 100% authentic made from pure natural herbs sourced directly from farms or forests.

Our Direct sourcing process ensures reliable quality and consistency.

Each of the Product in our GMP-Certified manufacturing unit passes a 7-Stage Manufacturing process that ensures utmost quality & results-oriented products.

Our 7 Stage Process:

  1. Hand Picking, Cleaning & Drying of Herbs: Initially, we hand pick Herbs received from farms, clean them in a cleaning & sorting machine. The cleaned herbs are dried at 60-70 degrees for continuous 3 hours.
  2. Herb Dehydration: Herbs are dehydrated in a tray drier at 80-90 degrees Celsius. Dehydration gets rid of unnecessary Moisture as well as microbial growth.
  3. Processing & Extraction: Post that, herbs are processed and aqueous extraction is carried out. Herbal API is formed from the remains.
  4. Filtration: Using a German Filtration technology, final products are Filtered in 3 Stages. Stage 1 – Filtration || Stage 2 – Micro Filtration || Stage 3 – Nano Filtration
  5. Filling & Bottling: The APIs are then processed, formulated, and converted into the finished goods. Finished goods in Syrups, Capsules, Oils & Personal care products
  6. Packaging: Finally, the finished goods are labelled, cartooned and ready for Delivery
  7. Quality Checks & Delivery: Postproduction, all products’ QA & QC is carried out by our highly trained QC department. Once all the QC checks are completed, the products are out for delivery.

Herbal Products Available for Third Party Manufacturing:

  • Herbal Liquid Syrups and Juices
  • Herbal Oils
  • Herbal Capsules & Tablets
  • Herbal Powders
  • Herbal Personal Care Products
  • Herbal Derma Care Products
  • Protein Powders

Key Benefits for outsourcing manufacturing of Herbal Products with MAC Biosciences:

Reduced Costs: Because of our infrastructure and technology, we can provide the best formulations at minimal prices.

Range of Products: Today, we have 150+ products in our product list and 150+ Customised Approvals for Clients

In Time Delivery: We provide a confirmed delivery time of 40 Days to all our clients.

Rich Manufacturing Experience: We have more than 25 years of experience in Herbal Products Manufacturing Sector

GMP Certified & WHO GMP Compliant Manufacturing unit.

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Compliant

Authentic Herbal Products derived with latest technology & ancient Methodology.


Partner with us for your Manufacturing Requirements today and get exciting schemes, discounts and exclusive products.


Contact Us for more Details:

Mobile/WhatsApp: +91- 8198055769, 8427588808, 8427688808, 8427488808