Our Technology

Our Technology:-

Past Five Years, We have been working very hard on our Technology so that we could provide

Best Quality and Highly Potent Medicines

Recently we have upgraded to a 7-stage process. After a huge Research and study we could introduce this Technology into this Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing field.

This 7-stage process takes three days to complete and involves German Technology (deutsche Technologie) in Filteration & Filling Stations.

    3-stage filtration technology:-

  • We have introduced a special German Based filtration Technology. IN this process, the medicine is Filtered in three stage at constant Temperature 100 Fahrenheit.
  • 1ST Stage :- (Filtration) filtration up to 72 micron (like sand, fine sand etc)
  • 2nd Stage :- (Micro filtration) filtration up to 0.1 to 2 micron (bacteria, protozoa etc)
  • 3rd Stage: - (Ultra Filtration) filtration up to 0.05 micron (viruses, undissolved organics, colloids)
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