Start your own Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Bangalore

Are you looking for a business opportunity to start your own Ayurvedic PCD franchise business in Bangalore? We have a perfect solution for your requirements.

Along with more than 150 Ayurvedic Products, MAC Biosciences, which is India’s leading Ayurvedic PCD franchise company in Bangalore that provide PCD franchise for Ayurvedic medicines on monopoly basis to our customers and distributors.

Starting your won Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business provides opportunity to establish distribution and marketing business in  small amount of investment. Why Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Business ?

  1. Low Investment: You can start the business with a minimum investment of 50,000.
  2. Low Compliances: You only need a GST number to start the Herbal PCD Franchise business. You do not need to apply for a separate AYUSH Licence to start the business.
  3. High Returns: Franchisee usually gains 100 to 200% profits on their investment once their business is settled up.

Choose MAC Biosciences Pvt Ltd as your trusted partner for PCD franchise business in Bangalore and get your distribution rights today.

MAC Biosciences is an Ayurvedic products manufacturer established in 2013 currently having over 57 Distributors in over 88 districts of India.

  • We provide best quality Ayurvedic medicines on PCD franchise basis
  • The records show that our products yield at least 89% of Repeat prescriptions
  • The distributors get an average of 55% Return on investment after all expenses
  • Average growth in distributors income is 55% month on month

All the above reasons make us the best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise partner in Bangalore

We provide the following benefits to our franchise holders.

Exclusive Monopoly Rights

We believe that Monopoly rights for a location is our Client’s right. Therefore, we provide a monopoly-based PCD Franchise for Ayurvedic medicines, Derma Care Range & Personal Care Rane which ensures a healthy marketplace for our Franchise. The exclusive rights enable clients to become an excellent distributor of high-quality herbal medicines as they can work with their complete ownership and discretion.

Promotional Inputs

Promotion of the firm and products is the key required franchise operation. Therefore, we completely support our Clients with all promotional input required by them. Majorly LBLs, marketing materials, visiting cards, product booklets, product brochures for our PCD Franchise Clients to help them secure a competitive advantage in market.


<h2>Become our Ayurvedic PCD Franchise today and get exciting schemes, discounts and exclusive products.</h2>


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